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2 Different ways to search Cleo Clarify projects, packages, objects within Eclipse Studio Youtube video

2 Easy Ways to Search Clarify Projects, Packages & Objects

April 27th 2017 -- Utilizing Cleo Clarify Global Variables in file adapters/monitors, Youtube video
Length 1:57 minutes

Clarify Video Background:

Trying to find objects in the workspace can be stressful if there are a lot of projects. Searching can make life so much easier when trying to find objects.

Project Search - Part One:

  • 1. Click Menu: Search then select Menu Option: Search
  • 2. Type in the keyword you are searching for
  • 3. Click Search
  • 4. All of the objects containing the keyword will be displayed in the bottom panel.

Project Search - Part Two:

  • 1. Go to Menu: File the select Menu Option: Open Clarify Project
  • 2. Type in the keyword you are searching for
  • 3. In the search bar, type the object needed. For this example we used inbound./li>
  • 4. This will bring up all of the objects in the workspace that pertain to the search criteria
  • 5. From here you can open any of the objects in the editor

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