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Cleaning Cleo Clarify Eclipse Workspace Projects, Packages, Objects Youtube video

Cleaning Clarify Workspace Projects, Packages, Objects

March 30th 2017 -- Cleaning Clarify studio workspace projects, packages, objects.
Length 0:53 minutes

Clarify Video Background:

When your workspace is showing you have errors, but the project in questions is functioning, we can clean the project to to correct the status.

Cleaning Projects Steps:

  • 1. Click on Menu: Project.
  • 2. Click Menu Option: Clean, this will bring up the clean window.
  • 3. To Clear all Projects, select Clear all Projects, if you want to just Clear one. Project, select Clean Projects Selected Below, and select the project.
  • 4. Click Ok. The Project Clean will now run.
  • 5. The error icon should now disappear.

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