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Creating a New SVN Repository Location in Clarify

March 28th 2017 -- Creating a New SVN Repository Location in Cleo Clarify. We show users how easy it is to link Clarify to http://cleo.plan.io accounts.
Length 1:14 minutes

Clarify Video Background:

When working with Cleo Clarify, all the projects that we work with will be taken from the SVN Repository. The SVN Repository is a location that contains branches and trunks of projects for us to manipulate in Cleo Clarify. SVN stands for Subversion, and the repository essentially acts as a server, storing files, however it also stores and past status' and any changes made to the files. In order to access a repository location, we must first add it in Cleo Clarify.

To add an SVN Repository, we must first click on the SVN Repository tab in the top right hand corner of Clarify. Once you are in the SVN Repository window, click on the New Repository Icon, it will be the small yellow cylinder with a green plus sign. When the window opens it will ask you to input a URL, as well as a username and password. The URL is the information that will serve as the location for the SVN. The URL we used was https://cleo.plan.io/svn/extol-examples. The URL we input is used for training purposes, but many SVN's can be found at cleo.plan.io. After you input the URL, it will ask you to provide a username and password in order to access the SVN. Type in the username and password, and the SVN will become available to check projects out from.

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