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How To Create Cleo Clarify Global Variables Objects Youtube video

How-To Create Clarify Global Variable Objects

April 5th 2017 -- How To Create Cleo Clarify Global Variable Objects Youtube video
Length 2:09 minutes

Clarify Video Background:

Global Variables are used as a replacement for hardcoded inputs in file monitors, adapters, databases, etc.

Creating Global Variables Steps:

  • 1. Select the package to use, we used shcg.clarify.core.
  • 2. Go to Menu: File-> Menu Option: New -> Global Variables.
  • 3. Name the Global Variable object.
  • 4. In the Editor, click on the green plus sign to add a variable.
  • 5. Name the variable.
  • 6. Add the variables replacement value.
  • 7. Save and close the Editor.

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