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How-to Use Clarify Global Variables with File Adapters Youtube video

How-to Use Clarify Global Variables with File Adapters/Monitors

April 3rd 2017 -- Utilizing Cleo Clarify Global Variables in file adapters/monitors, Youtube video
Length 2:08 minutes

Clarify Video Background:

Utilizing Global Variables with File Adapters/Monitors:

  • 1. Select the project.
  • 2. Select the object we to add the global variable to -- For this example we used a File Monitor.
  • 3. In the Editor, select Target Directory, or File Path, if using a File Adapter.
  • 4. Click on the Globe Icon, this is the global variables icon.
  • 5. Identify the global variable that we created for the File Path, and click Ok.
  • 6. Type in the remaining portion of the file path to complete the directory.
  • 7. Save and Close the Editor.

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