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Youtube video of Cleo Clarify check out projects from SVN

Check-Out Clarify Projects from SVN

March 27th 2017 -- Learn how easy it is to check-out Cleo Clarify projects, from an SVN, into the Clarify Workspace.
Length 1:19 minutes

Clarify Video Background:

Now that We have an SVN to pull from, we need to check projects out from it.

Checking Out Projects From the SVN:

  • 1. Go into the SVN Repository Window
  • 2. In the Repository window, expand the SVN that we will be pulling from.
  • 3. Expand into the trunk/branch -- depending on where we need to pull the projects from.
  • 4. Select all of the projects that need to be checked out.
  • 5. Once selected,Right Click on them, and select Menu Option: Checkout.
  • 6. The projects will be brought to the workspace.

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